Spektrum Helags Summit Bio Essential

The sustainable and plant-based Helags is built for ourselves and the most demanding mountain riders out there. The frame and plastic detailing are all made from plant-based materials and the strap consists of recyclable polyester. Helags is designed and developed in our back yard at Mount Åreskutan and is a magic union of style and function. The cylindrical dual lens will keep your vision distortion free and it will fit your face and helmet like a glove
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Product Description

FRAME Made of Plant-Based materials derived from Castor oil Detail components made in Plant-Based materials derived from Castor oil Injected Dye in frame for greater durability and depth as well as environmental benefits bio-based (castor oil) high performance Polyamide frame Exchangeable lens system OPTICS Zeiss superior quality Polycarbonate Lens with 100% UV protection Cylindrical Lens from Zeiss with Multi Layer Mirror Finish on Lens Dual Lens System with Anti-Fog Treatment Air Flow Lens System Low Light Spare Lens Included -Clear Purple Lens from Carl Zeiss with ultimate UV-protection and maximum clarity Ri-Pel water repellant and anti-scratch lens coatings Extremely impact resistant lens FIT Medium/Large Fit Perfect Fit Tri-density Face foam Helmet compatible by pivoting strap outriggers 50mm Recycled Polyester Strap Gripper Silicone at inside strap PRIMARY LENS Zeiss brown multi layer red Category: S3 VLT: 18% EXTRA LENS Clear Purple Category: S1 VLT: 67%
THE LENSES Helags Summit Bio Essential is equipped with a Zeiss brown multi layer red lens. (CAT. S3/VLT:18%). The included Extra Lens is Clear Purple (CAT. S1/VLT:67%) PRIMARY LENS EXTRA LENS SPECS Category: S3 VLT: 18% Conditions: Sun UNPARALLELED CLARITY AND EYE PROTECTION WITH ZEISS LENSES: The Zeiss Brown Multi Layer Red Lens is designed for riders who demand uncompromising clarity, vivid color enhancement, and superior eye protection on the mountain. This lens belongs to the S3 category, which is ideal for sunny and partly cloudy conditions. With a visible light transmission (VLT) of 18%, it ensures your vision is optimized for a wide range of light conditions, making it versatile for various weather scenarios. UV400 Protection: One of the paramount features of the Zeiss Brown Multi Layer Red Lens is its full UV400 protection. This means that it provides complete protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays, safeguarding your eyes from the sun's damaging effects while skiing at high altitudes. You can focus on the thrill of the slopes without worrying about sunburned or fatigued eyes. Dual Lens System with Anti-Fog Treatment: Zeiss has incorporated a dual lens system in these goggles to combat fogging, a common challenge for skiers. The dual lens design creates a thermal barrier between the interior and exterior, effectively preventing condensation from forming on the lens. These lenses are also equipped with an advanced anti-fog treatment. The anti-fog technology ensures that your vision remains crystal clear, no matter how cold or humid the weather gets. It's the ultimate solution to maintain peak visibility during your skiing adventures. Enhanced Visual Experience: The brown multi-layer red tint not only adds a stylish touch to your goggles but also enhances contrast and depth perception in a wide range of lighting conditions. This feature is especially valuable when navigating the sometimes challenging terrains of ski resorts. It's an enhancement filter for your eyes, helping you spot obstacles and variations in the snow with ease.

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