Our Brand Partners

By challenging ourselves to make better choices about the products we buy, we've enjoyed discovering brands from all over the world who share the same mindset. Their ultimate goal: to reduce their environmental and social impact and improve the lives and prospects of people and our planet.

Traditional outdoor wear is made using environmentally impactful materials. The outer shell is predominantly made of polyester or nylon which is then treated with a toxic DWR coating to make it waterproof. Quite often that item is then insulated with yet more man-made polyester fibres resulting in a jacket with a rather large plastic footprint!

We have selected pioneering brands committed to reducing their own impact. By developing and using non-toxic DWR's, turning post-consumer plastic bottles into jackets, hand stitching their leather, knowing their workforce, and quite often their sheep(!), by name, we believe the future looks a lot greener.

These brands will admit they're still not perfect; every item of clothing, whether recycled or not, has an impact on the planet. They are however socially and environmentally answerable, transparent in their approach and have set ambitious, but achievable, targets. We are confident that one day it will be possible to leave a positive not a negative footprint.

We've developed a unique selection criteria which we apply when choosing which brands and ranges to stock. You can read more about the EcoSki Selection Criteria right here