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A little bit about EcoSki

A truck full of textiles is thrown away every second, even though it took countless resources to produce. Meanwhile our planet is heating up and our glaciers are retreating. 

Skiing is by no means a clean sport. Travelling to the mountains, the infrastructure needed to run the resort and the vast amount of clothing and equipment required. It all impacts the environment.  

We care about how things are made, how manufacturers and suppliers are treated, and what happens to our skiwear next. We believe that what goes into the clothes we wear should be as common a question as what goes into the food we eat  

4 ways to shop more responsibly

There are ski brands out there who are dedicated to producing the best technical wear and are equally passionate about limiting their social and environmental impact. 

We acknowledge however that no matter how “friendly” our ski kit is, the current linear “make - take - dispose” model is broken and needs fixing.

We want to help skiers make better choices, limit unnecessary purchases (and waste) and keep this hard-wearing kit in circulation for longer. 

To do so we have provided 4 very clear choices: Repair, Rent, Preowned or New “kit with a conscience”. All of which will be providing a more positive step towards a circular solution. 

Join us on our mission to become more conscious and responsible; stopping to think about the ingredients in each item of clothing. 
Team EcoSki: Isabel, Rachael, Amy, Annabel, Jen

Message from the Founder – Rachael Westbrook

Rachael Westbrook
Rachael Westbrook
EcoSki Founder

Wow, what a year 2020 turned out to be! I must admit to feeling rather daunted about launching a new skiwear business in the middle of a worldwide pandemic!

But I couldn’t give up on my dream. I have lived and breathed EcoSki for too long now to just give up.

Besides, the main driver behind it was to help raise awareness about how we can all meaningfully reduce our impact as skiers, help protect the very thing we all love and make it easier for skiers to make better choices. 

The EcoSki journey started in 2018 when I was searching for kit for my family. I struggled to find the brands I loved and respected under one roof. I came across a brand called Woolpower, an incredible Swedish brand, who are relatively unknown in the ski industry. They, alongside, Picture, Icebreaker and Patagonia were the brands who inspired me to develop this platform.

I am not saying we are 100% sustainable as everything we produce comes at some cost to the planet. But all the stock meets our baseline requirement of being more responsibly sourced and made, PFC free and/or recycled. It is what I often refer to as “kit with a conscience”.

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped this dream come true. My incredible Advisory Panel; Chemmy, Martin, Rachel and Lucie who have been my sounding board on many a stumbling block I’ve hit. My incredible family (home schooling was interesting) and my awesome lockdown WhatsApp team; shown in our only physical meeting above. Not forgetting James who has been part of the adventure since day 1 (He sadly couldn’t make the photoshoot as was knee deep in nappies!). Huge congratulations on becoming a first time Dad.

Welcome to my EcoSki adventure, an offering full of great ski gear and a platform for sharing, innovating and inspiring. Take care of yourself and your loved ones and keep dreaming - we will be back in the mountains very soon.

Rachael x