Charity Auctions

In addition to our 1% contribution we will be hosting regular charitable auctions and events to help raise awareness and additional funding. If anyone would like to donate a prize, experience and/or clothing we would be honoured to auction it off on your behalf. The charities are also always in need of volunteers. Please get in touch if you'd like to help.

Auction 1: Chemmy Alcott's 2014 Sochi 2014 Olympic Strip

This auction closed for bids on January 1st 2021. An incredible £1,250 was bid for Chemmy Alcott, 4 x Olympic Skier, Sochi 2014 Olympic strip. 100% of the funds raised have been distributed to the charities on this page. Thank you Chemmy for your kind donation and to all those who placed bids.

Auction 2: Chemmy's BBC Ski Sunday 2021 Opening Outfit, Episode 1

We're thrilled to see Ski Sunday back on our screens each week, presented by our very own EcoSki Ambassador Chemmy Alcott alongside sports presenter and commentator, Ed Leigh. EcoSki is hugely honoured to be styling Chemmy's outerwear each week, chosen from the carefully selected range of sustainable skiwear on our website. Once worn for filming, Chemmy will return each outfit back to us to be auctioned off with 100% of the funds raised going directly to the charities we are supporting.

In the first and opening episode of Ski Sunday, Chemmy wore the Amundsen Peak Anorak in Weathered Red (Size Medium), Amundsen Peak Panther Pants in Faded Navy (Size Large) and a pair of Planks Bro-down Insulated Mitts in Broken Bergs (Size Medium) with a total RRP of £915. Chemmy also wore a gorgeous Snow Finel Merino top and our friends at Snow Finel have very kindly donated this to the auction package.

If you're planning to invest in skiwear that will last a lifetime, this is a great opportunity to get your hands on these high-performance, stylish, long-lasting and highly versatile pieces for a great price and at the same time raise vital funds for charities working to protect the environment.

Our charity auction to win all these items, worn just once by Chemmy to present the 2021 opening episode of Ski Sunday, is now OPEN!

Click the link here to view more information and to place your bid.

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