EcoSki Charity Auctions

We are hugely proud to be supporting five amazing charities who are providing crucial social and environmental work on a local, national and global level. To help raise funds for these charities we will be hosting regular auctions and events to support their amazing efforts with 100% of the funds raised going directly to these charities.

We have extremely exciting and unique items lined up to auction, each gifted to EcoSki by our generous ambassadors, skiwear brands and EcoSki friends and all with an amazing story behind them. Read on to find out more about current Lots and how you can bid. If you would like to donate an item, experience or clothing we would be honoured to auction it off on your behalf and you can be sure that every penny will go towards helping our charities to carry out the important work they do for our planet. Contact us here if you’d like to help.

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Read more about the charities that we support here.

Live Auctions

To view our latest charity auction lots or place a bid, click on the button here to see the full line up on our Jumblebee auction page.

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Closed Auctions

This auction is now closed. We're delighted to announce that this auction raised a total of £2,038 for the amazing charities we support. Thank you so much to everyone who supported our auction. The delighted winners of each lot have been notified.

Chemmy Alcott’s Ski Sunday 2021 outfits

Ski and snowboarders stuck in lockdown across the UK have been living vicariously through the BBC’s weekly doses of Ski Sunday. Chemmy Alcott, EcoSki’s very own ambassador has been providing us with much needed escapism and it is the highlight of our week. We have been thrilled to provide Chemmy with her outfits each week, looking fabulous on the slopes in Laax. Worn by Chemmy during filming of Ski Sunday episodes, we are now auctioning off each outfit to the highest bidder. 100% of money raised will be sent directly to the charities we support through One Percent for the Planet.

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee these outfits will make you ski as fast as Chemmy ... 96mph!!!

Closed Auctions

Chemmy Alcott's 2014 Sochi 2014 Olympic Strip

This auction closed for bids on January 1st 2021. An incredible £1,250 was bid for Chemmy Alcott, 4 x Olympic Skier, Sochi 2014 Olympic strip. 100% of the funds raised have been distributed to the charities on this page. Thank you Chemmy for your kind donation and to all those who placed bids.