EcoSki has designed some environmental piste markers to help illustrate our ultimate goal to create sustainable skiwear habits. The company was founded in late 2020 by mum-of-three Rachael Westbrook, who believes it’s time to change the way we think about our clothing, especially what we wear to enjoy winter sports. We don’t want to give up our passion for skiing but instead find ways to lessen the impact by choosing to buy or rent sustainable skiwear wherever possible.

Rachael says: “We were thinking about how to create a visual idea of the choices we all make when considering our ski kit — and whether we actually do need to buy more. To help explain our ultimate goal of keeping high-performance skiwear in circulation, we have produced these piste markers. Each one talks us through the decisions we should make to help reduce the pressure on our planet’s finite resources and limit unnecessary waste and expense.”

The four different choices — or pistes — will hopefully help skiers and consumers to make better choices while getting kitted out for the slopes. Whether that’s repairing existing ski kit or renting new skiwear, we want to help you limit waste, reduce unnecessary purchases and keep this hard-wearing kit in circulation.

GREEN — Repair. The easy and best way to reduce your footprint is to revamp what you already own. It’s a specialist job, but we can organise it for you.

BLUE — Pre-owned. Buy and sell via our website (ecoski’d) or chosen partner brands. Send us your unwanted kit and we’ll sell it on your behalf.

RED — Rental. Why buy new when you can borrow all the high-performance kit you’ll ever need? Via EcoSki Rental it is all delivered to your doorstop, sterile and mountain ready.

BLACK — Buy better. Buy for a lifetime and not just a season. Select high-performance brands stocked and selected by EcoSki for their dedication to reducing both their social and environmental footprint.

Together, it’s much easier. Repair. Pre-owned. Rent. Buy Better.

EcoSki is so proud to be working with some truly incredible partners to help facilitate this necessary change. We believe the future of retailing is going to be very different — and are so proud to be one of the trailblazers taking this new approach. Skiwear rental is the future.