Waterhaul Fitzroy Sunglasses - Blue Mirror Lenses

The Waterhaul Fitzroy sunglasses are made from 100% recycled fishing nets intercepted from the ocean and paired with polarised lenses, offering complete sustainability and ultimate UVA/UVB 400 protection. The square frame suits both male and female medium to large faces.


Size Guide (in Centimetres)

Protest Women's Size Chart
EU 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
UK 6" 8 10 12 14 16 18
Chest (cm) 81-84 85-88 89-92 93-96 97-100 101-104 105-109
Waist (cm) 66-68 69-71 72-74 75-77 78-80 81-83 84-86
Hips (cm) 92-94 95-97 98-100 101-103 104-106 107-109 110-112

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Product Description

Intercepted from oceans, Redesigned for adventure.

The Waterhaul Fitzroy sunglasses are made from 100% recycled fishing nets intercepted from the ocean and paired with polarised mineral glass lenses, offering complete sustainability and ultimate UVA/UVB 400 protection. The square frame suits both male and female faces.

Recycled frames

The Italian made Fitzroy frames contain 0% virgin plastics, 100% recycled fishing nets that were collected from European waters through end-of-life amnesty schemes and beach and dive based ghost net recoveries. The frames feature five barrel hinges for maximum durability. The Fitzroy frames are covered by our ‘Recycle and Replace’ lifetime guarantee – damaged frames components can go back into the plastic recycling loop to create new pairs. Frames come in a dark grey matte, and being 100% recycled, each pair has unique, subtle flecked patterns which allude to their origin.

Polarised Lenses

Waterhaul pair the Fitzroy frames with their Waterhaul x Barberini signature mineral glass lenses – this lens material is the clearest lens-medium through which we can observe the world – no other lens material matches it’s optical clarity. Glass also offers superior stratch-resistance compared all other lens types – perfect for a lifestye that involves sand and saltwater. The lenses are Italian produced to the highest quality standards, offering full spectrum UV400 protection. Glass is a natural material that can be infinitely recycled in any glass-recycling collection.

All Waterhaul lenses are fully polarised, eliminating glare from reflective surfaces of water, snow and wet roads.

EcoSki stock Waterhaul’s Atlantic Blue Mirror lens option - a high contrast polarised lens perfect for the slopes.


The product and packaging supply chain is free from single-use plastic.

Each pair includes a free magnetic fold-flat hard case made from sustainable cork.

Specification & Materials:

  • Overall size guide: Medium - Medium/Large. Fits a broad range of male and female face shapes.
  • Frame width: 139mm
  • Lens width: 52.5mm
  • Frame height: 48.5mm
  • Bridge width: 20.5mm
  • Arm length: 131mm
  • Weight: 150g

About the brand

Waterhaul is a social enterprise based in Newquay, Cornwall.

We utilise the strongest form of plastic in our oceans to produce exceptionally sustainable, recycled eyewear. Eyewear that meets the technical demands of adventure, ocean-exposure and UV protection, but also act as ‘symbols of change’ for our oceans.  Waterhaul sunglasses frames are guaranteed to last you a lifetime, because they are made from nets that would last decades in the ocean. 

“Waste is simply a misallocated resource” – we value ocean plastic as unique material which tells a story.

Every year 640,000 tonnes of fishing nets are lost or discarded in the ocean. Samples of plastic waste accumulating in our oceanic gyres reveal 46% of this plastic, by weight, is attributable to fishing gear.

Fishing related debris are particularly harmful in our oceans due to their tendency to entangle marine life and damage seabed habitats, such as kelp beds and coral reefs. In a phenomenon known as ‘ghost fishing’, the entangled carcasses of trapped marine life will attract more species, resulting in further potential entanglements. As these discarded nets are produced from plastic, they will not degrade, persisting in the ocean to catch and kill marine life indefinitely.

Turning the problem on it’s head, all of the properties which make discarded fishing gear such a problem; its abundance, strength, and its propensity to harm, combine to make it both an excellent resource for recycling and a priority target to intercept from the ocean. 

Waterhaul’s mission is to remove this waste resource from our ocean and coastline, divert waste nets from landfilling, expand recycling capacity and demonstrate solutions to this threat to our ocean. 

Through mechanical recycling and a specialised injection moulding process, our end product is a high-performance, 100% recycled sunglasses frame, embracing the ultimate in sustainability and product stewardship.

Our eyewear range is produced from 100% recycled fishing nets and paired with recyclable mineral glass optics, and each pair directly contributes to the removal of ghost gear and other marine plastics. Waterhaul frames are guaranteed for life, with returned frames shredded and put straight back into the recycling loop. 

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