Amundsen Peak Panther Pants

The pant version of the world’s first technical knickerbocker.

Size Guide (in Centimetres)

Amundsen Men's Size Chart
Chest (cm) 96 101 106 111 117
Waist (cm) 84 89 94 99 108
Hips (cm) 97 102 107 112 118

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Product Description

The pant version of the world’s first technical knickerbocker, done in the same fabrics and features witch we have been perfecting over several years. The combination of stretch, waterproof and breathing capabilities ensures a combo of full protection combined with the comfort you need.


  • Water tight zippers
  • All seams are carefully sealed
  • Ventilation on sides with mesh lining
  • Amundsen Peak patch on left thigh
  • Integration system at kneecuffs for gaiters
  • 5 zipped pockets
  • Articulated knees always where you want them to be

About the brand

Company Background

Amundsen’s take on outdoor is not like the others. We are as adventurous as any, and our sportswear can allow you to conquer the highest mountains in the harshest conditions. But we believe that being an “outdoor brand” is not all about being extreme and pushing the limits. It’s also about having fun and enjoying nature as one big playground.

With timeless sportswear of real quality, we take our products seriously but not ourselves too seriously. We never lose our sense of wonder, and never forget that nature is best enjoyed in the company of good friends whom one can share a good laugh with.


Imagination starts as a child
you imagine the world
and all the unknown you want to explore
you imagine the adventures just out there
because kids have no limits

So embrace your inner child
go explore
go wonder what’s on the other side
go see the world for the very first time
again and again
go put a smile on your face
believe you can go farther
go play

Sustainability & Longevity

We design our products with re-use and sustainability in mind, ensuring that they have a long life using eco-friendly materials where possible. We discourage single-use plastics and food waste

Product & Environmental Attitude

While the biggest polluters in our industry compete to make most noise about recycling and other green initiatives, we try to focus on what matters; fewer products.

We do not believe in the ever growing fabricated need of micro-specialised clothing for each of your outdoor activities. As long as your products are; Versatile, Long-lasting and Stylish you do not need a big outdoor wardrobe!!

  • Versatile: Outdoor enthusiasts are usually not just climbers, just free skiers or just campers. They are usually exploring a multitude of activities in the wilderness. It is the nature that drives them – not just the activity. It is therefore vital that your outdoor garments are versatile enough to be used across most activities, conditions and situations.
  • Stylish: We do not think you need new clothing just because a new colour or fit is trending, or because you plan to undertake a new type of activity. We strive to design simple, honest and back to basic products with a timeless design and colour palette.
  • Long Lasting: Through the quality of material use, technology and craftsmanship we continuously make sure your timeless and versatile garments lasts for generations.

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