Woolpower Full Zip Jacket 400 Teens

The Woolpower 400g Merino Full Zip Jacket is made from the unique Ullfrotté circular knit fabric with terry loops providing a mid layer that will greatly increase insulation between the base layer and the outer layer.

The Full Zip Jacket has a high collar, cuffs with thumb holes, a full length zipper and a longer back to prevent gaps.

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Product Description

The terry-knit Woolpower Ullfrotté Original 400 and 600 Mid Layers are used to increase insulation between the base layer and the wind and water resistant outer layer.

Woolpower Mid Layer garments are usually used at lower temperatures in lower activity levels.

Every garment is made from different sizes of tubes, which means that there is the minimal amount of seams in each garment. This creates a garment that is more durable and with less chafing from seams.


  • Unisex
  • 70% Merino Wool
  • 28% Polyamide
  • 2% Elastane


This item is eligible for EcoSki’d

This quality item will long outlive your child’s growth spurt. It's been made to last!
So, when you've finished with it simply send it back to us and EcoSki’d will re-sell it on your behalf. You will earn credit towards a future EcoSki purchase and it gives this gorgeous item a new home and keeps it in use.

Size Guide (in Centimetres)

Junior Sizes

This product is actually an adult sized item but the smaller sizes are perfect for older children/teens

Child Size Adult Size Chest Sleeve Waist Hip
11-13 years XXS 82 58 66 90
13-15 years XS 82-90 59 66-74 90-98


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About the brand

Woolpower manufactures warm base layers and mid-layer garments from our own fabric Ullfrotté Original. We manufacture all our products in Sweden. At our factory in Östersund we do everything from knitting and preparing the fabric to sewing, packing and storing products. We have specialised in manufacturing functional products that withstand extreme weather conditions, sudden changes in weather and different levels of activity. Our clothes should be the first choice for people who spend a lot of time outdoors and want confidence in their equipment. The clothes are popular with mountain hikers and wind-turbine technicians alike.

Our Vision - We Will Generate Warmth For 100 Years

Our vision to generate warmth for 100 years means that we manufacture products that keep people warm for years whatever the weather, and that as a company we act with warmth and respect towards everything and everybody that is in any way involved with, dependent on or affected by us.

Our goal is to responsibly and sustainably, and with a focus on the people behind the garments, manufacture products that last year after year. This means that we retain a long-term perspective in all the decisions we make. We endeavour to make clothes that are timeless, functional and of a very high quality so as to discourage a throwaway mentality. The resources we use, how we use them and what they are used for require responsibility for the environment, people and animals. We work with continuous improvements to ensure that our production has the smallest possible impact on the environment.

Woolpower is real-life proof that it is possible to be a leading Swedish textile company and that it is possible to retain all production in Sweden, while at the same time acting responsibly and with care for the world around us.

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