Mons Royale Santa Rosa 2.0 Hinge Balaclava

The Santa Rosa is engineered with a hinged construction so you can wear it pulled up on the cold days, or down so your mates can hear you talk up your tricks on the lift.

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Product Description

The Santa Rosa uses our 190 Lightweight Merino with a two-ply yarn that makes it stronger and more stable than equivalent merino.


  • 190gsm


  • Hinged for flexible positioning
  • Drop front neckline seals in warmth

About the brand

From Lake Wanaka New Zealand, Mons Royale designs performance merino clothing for the mountains.

It all started with pro freeride skier Hamish Acland. Over years of travelling to competitions, shoots and surfing friends' couches to chase the snow, Hamish found himself wondering how he could maximise his adventure while packing with limited space. Most skiers and snowboarders know this problem well. Skis, boots, outerwear and backcountry kit get packed first. Then the washables; socks, underwear and baselayers. And finally, some street clothes to fill out the bag.

Ten years on Mons Royale has a global fanbase that includes the world’s best action sports athletes, Olympians and adventurers in the most far-reaching corners of the Earth. Mons is stocked in over 600 retail stores globally with offices in Innsbruck, Vancouver and Wanaka.

Mons Royale came from believing a brand could be built by designing technical performance products without compromising style.

A decade later, Mons continues to step up the art of disruption by fearlessly pushing design-led boundaries with each new range.

Merino are the oldest farm-bred sheep in the world. These wooly badasses reside high in the alpine hills of New Zealand, where the climate is harsh.

When it’s hot; it’s blazing. And when it’s cold; it’s got bite. But merino actually thrive in these conditions, thanks to their wool. Merino wool is a naturally better performance fibre because it has evolved to withstand extremes. This gives it some incredible properties.

Benefits of Merino Wool

  • Anti-odour: Merino fibres have a crimped structure that make it nearly impossible for bacteria to attach to the wool. As a result, merino apparel stays fresh and odour-free.
  • Warmth-to-weight Ratio: Merino wool has a very high warmth-to-weight ratio. This means that merino is warm, without bulk. It also insulates even when wet, so no matter how bad the conditions, merino stays warm.
  • Temperature Regulation: Merino has the highest moisture absorption capacity of any fabric. This gives it the ability to move moisture away from the body faster. So when it’s cold, you’ll stay warm and dry. But when it’s hot, it keeps you cool.
  • Breathable: Merino wool fibres are much thinner than ordinary wool fibres. Therefore, merino wool garments are incredibly breathable and fast-drying.
  • Soft The fine gauge of merino also means that it’s super soft next to your skin and doesn’t itch like traditional wool.

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