Ollero Eco Lodge 

Get back to nature in style at this family friendly Finnish hideaway

If you’re looking for somewhere to get away from it all, then Ollero Eco Lodge is the perfect destination. The Lodge started life as a traditional Finnish cottage used by Arttu’s family for weekend getaways and holidays during his childhoodRecently, he and his three siblings decided they wanted to share the beauty, tranquillity, and traditions of this very special place with others.  


“The Lodge wasn’t being used enough,” explains Arttu. “When my parents retired, they gave it to us [the four siblings] and if you have something like this you have to renovate it and keep it functional. Then we had an idea in May 2019 to make a little family business. My parents always taught us how to respect nature – I think in Rovaniemi this is very common – and so recycling and being ecologically aware has always been important to us.” 

Ollero Eco Lodge sits on the banks of the Ounasjoki River, 7km from the city centre of Rovaniemi. It includes three separate buildings, the main lodge with a living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom, the sleeping cabin and the glass iglooIn keeping with the magic of the place, in the summer the glass igloo goes out on to the water and during winter it’s on the ice. All three areas are included in the booking creating a private wonderland for just you and your family.  

Sustainability has driven every decision on the site from building materials and methods to energy consumption. “When renovating, we tried not to buy anything new and to recycle,” says Arttu. “All our ingredients, from shampoos to washing liquids are eco-friendly. We use wind power and bioenergy and in the summer the glass igloo uses solar panels.”  

Everything from food to clothing is local or organic and environmentally friendly. “The pullovers and socks are actually made by my grandmother,” says Arttuproving that the Lodge is still very much a family venture.  

There is plenty to do and experience on site. Cook on an open fire in a traditional goahti (teepee like structure pronounced as kota), relax in a smoke sauna, try your hand at ice fishing or enjoy walking, aurora hunting, sledding and moreBesides the activities at the lodge, there are further adventures to be had in nearby Rovaniemi, from dog sledding, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, snowboarding, fatbiking and the chance to visit a reindeer farm 

Arttu says, “We want to keep this business small and for families with children.” With that in mind he is happy to be contacted for special requests. He can even organise a visit from Santa Claus 

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