EcoSki has teamed up with AliKats, the chalet operator in Morzine with sustainability at the core of its operation.

AliKats was founded in 2011 by Al and Kat Judge, who run one of the most incredible ski chalet companies we have come across, going above and beyond to create the most environmentally friendly holiday experience in the French Alps.

The team runs the ten chalets in their portfolio in the most sustainable way possible — from using only electric vehicles and making their own yoghurt so they don’t have to buy little plastic yoghurt pots, to growing vegetables, keeping chickens, using only renewable energy, LED lighting and even heating their chalets with air-source heat pumps.

EcoSki wanted to find out a little more about AliKats and why they do what they do — as well as link up with them on business — so we caught up with Al Judge to ask a little bit more.

EcoSki: What lead you to want to be so sustainable — it’s clearly been embedded throughout your business but why are you so passionate, because you are clearly ahead of the curve?

Al Judge: I don’t think we have a choice to be honest. When you look at the environmental impact that modern lifestyles have on the planet and you look at the data around climate change, we have to change the way we live and we have to change now. Businesses should be at the forefront of leading this change and governments will then follow

EcoSki: Do you know how many guests come to you because of your sustainable ethos?

AJ: More and more each year, especially our younger guests. But almost all of our team have chosen, in part, to work for AliKats because of our sustainability ethos.

EcoSki: You providing incentives to guests to encourage them to travel by train — how many take you up on that?

AJ: More and more each year. Kat and I are also on the board of trustees for [community-funded non-profit association] Montagne Verte and we have recently launched a campaign called The AlpinExpress pass which provides a series of discounts across accommodation, restaurants, ski passes, ski hire, ski lessons etc.. to anyone who comes by train.

ES: How have you got on with your very impressive 2021 pledges and are you setting any more for this year?

AJ: We can now boast zero food waste through our system of composting and Bokashi fermentation and we on track to being Carbon Neutral by June. For the next 12 months, we are in the process of assessing new initiatives such as becoming Waste Neutral which I think we are going to be announcing as a goal in the next few weeks.

EcoSki: Can you grow vegetables during the winter, especially when there is heavy snow?

AJ: No — we try to grow and then keep root veg during the late autumn which we can use over winter but unfortunately, Alpine life doesn’t create much fresh produce between the months of November and February. We freeze berries and make chutney and jams from the fruit we grow in the garden, which are used in cooking and served in the chalets. We also raise chickens which provide us with eggs.

EcoSki: Is your choice of renewable energy more expensive?

AJ: A little, maybe 3-5%, but again…. I don’t think we really have a choice.

EcoSKi: The efforts you make are so impressive, we know from our own efforts that doing this is time, money and energy-consuming — what would you say to others who are thinking of following the same path, as it is also clearly something you enjoy?

AJ: Genuine wholesale change can’t be done without spending money so it requires putting your money where your mouth is. Until the environmental impact of products and services and priced in to the cost of buying them, the unfortunate reality is that sustainably produced goods cost more. But consumer trends are changing rapidly and businesses who lead the change will be rewarded with customer loyalty in the longer term.

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