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Sustainable Skiwear To Keep You Warm This Winter

Queueing outside shops, socially distanced school drop-offs – we’re all used to these now. Lockdown restrictions mean many of us are keen to spend more time in the open air than usual – which is fine when it’s sunny and dry. But now there is a nip in the air, not to mention the odd Baltic wind, it’s not so pleasant waiting to do your weekly food shop, picking up a prescription, or any of the other essential parts of daily life. With ever-growing awareness of fashion’s impact on the environment, you may also want to choose ethical brands to keep the chill out this winter. So what to wear to stay warm and look stylish, with a sustainable edge?

Ski wear not just for the slopes

Skiwear – not just for the slopes!

We’re not suggesting you wear your 80s salopettes to go to do the school run, but if anything’s going to keep you warm, it’s skiwear! Repurposing existing clothing is an obvious way to minimise the environmental impact of what you wear – so dig out your ski stuff if you have it. If you wouldn’t be seen dead wearing your ski jacket on the high street, you could still use the base layers, socks and gloves. It will make the one-in one-out supermarket queue a lot less painful.

Have a look at this range of  women’s jackets and men’s jackets from Ortovox, Patagonia, Amundsen, Picture, Protest and Planks – not a day-glo flash in sight!

Protest Connie Snow Jacket Women'sAmundsen Downtown Men's Jacket

Patagonia Men's Micro Puff JacketPicture Friday Women's Jacket

Stay toasty while you enjoy a chilly pint

  If you’re in a location where restrictions allow you to meet friends outdoors, don’t let the cold get in the way of garden drinks and outdoor get togethers. Good looking, warm clothes are a must. Layer up, thick socks, warm hat and gloves and party on – what’s a bit of cold between friends?

Woolpower warmth: Feel the difference with Merino

Merino wool is naturally soft, moisture wicking, breathable and odour resistant – and, by several select brands, ethically sourced. We like these base and mid layers from Amundsen, Woolpower and Mons Royale.


Amundsen 5Mila Half Zip WomensMammut Snow Half Zip Pullover

Furry pants mean warm bums!

And if you want to avoid that ‘bum freezing to the bench’ feeling, pop some merino leggings under your jeans or make a statement and wear with a skirt and boots. Much warmer than tights! You could even try the furry pants… we think they are going to stir up a lot of fun this winter!

Say goodbye to freezing bums

Bums the word! Furry pants the secret to warm bottoms


Not just any woolly hat – a stylish, non-itchy woolly hat!

Scientists have dispelled the claim that you lose most heat from your head (you still lose some, but no more than if, for example, you wore no trousers! You lose heat from whatever part of the body is not covered.) but a hat is a winter essential. We love Picture’s selection of woolly beanies for the ladies. Find the full range of colours here.

Picture Jude Beanie Womens  Picture Beanie Men


Don’t forget the toes!

Trainer liners will leave your ankles crying in the winter months – for true toe happiness opt for socks made from wool, which is biodegradable, odour resistant and naturally breathable. Ski socks are perfect for wearing with trainers, boots, or your shoe of choice and again you can go sustainable with your feet too.

Finally, slip your feet into some Kamik boots to complete your look with a nod to the ongoing hiker boot trend. Kamik as a brand is committed to greener manufacturing processes and reuses and recycles plastic bottles and rubber boots to produce on-point footwear with a smaller environmental footprint

Kamik Sienna Dark BrownSienna Black

So wrap up warm and take the chill out of queuing and quaffing this winter!

By Jess Paterson

Warm, dry, comfortable, stylish

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