Point6 Kids Ski Light OTC Socks

Little ski racers, park jibbers, skaters and snow day snowman builders.


Product Description

Juniors need the same warm and technical ski socks as their coaches, mums and dads to play all day in those cold temps. Girls ski socks and boys ski socks from Point6 socks keep feet cosy all day.


XS - EU22 - 25 / 5-7.5UK

S - EU26 - 28 / 8-10.5UK

M - EU29-31 / 11-12.5UK

L - EU32-35 / 1-2.5UK


  • Wool 62% Spandex 2% Nylon 36%

About the brand

About Point6

Over 4 decades of experience enables us to create the most comfortable and durable merino wool apparel you'll ever wear with unrivaled fit and performance. Guaranteed. We do just about everything differently: from fair trade practices with family farmers, to eliminating chemicals from the wool process, to donating to leading conservation groups. Point6 is a family-owned company based in Steamboat Springs, CO where all employees and partners are treated as unique and valuable members of the tribe.

Technology Matters - Dynamic 37.5 Nylon

Merino wool is already Mother Nature’s miracle fiber. Add 37.5 technology and the perfect performance sock gets even better. Maximized evaporation, accelerated dry time and enhanced performance keep you doing more, longer.

The tech behind the perfect sock

37.5 fiber contains active natural particles that increase the surface area of the fiber, allowing it to use body heat to evaporate moisture in vapor form (BEFORE it becomes sweat) which enhances body temperature regulation and humidity next to the skin. Our 37.5 fiber is the perfect match to supercharge the performance of our 100% compact spun merino wool.

What makes Point6 different?

  • We care about the wool: We work directly with New Zealand farmers to select only the finest micron merino wool. Why merino? Simply put, it's a miracle fiber that is naturally microbial (no stink!), moisture wicking, itch-free, and offers thermoregulation to help your body adjust to hot or cold temps.
  • We care about the process: Ever wonder how wool is cleaned before it becomes a garment? We did and then we changed the process. Most companies use a chlorine bath, a process using water and chlorine to clean the wool. That chlorine ends up in our watersheds. Avoidable? Absolutely. We have eliminated chlorine from the process, using plasma (air excited in a vacuum) powered by renewable energy.
  • We care about performance: Our socks are scientifically proven to dry faster and breathe better. Our wool is compact spun, resulting in a stronger and more durable fabric. We've also added 37.5 technology to help control your body temperature in any condition. Why? Because your feet matter. And if you don't notice them, we've done our job.
  • We care about our trails and our non-profit partners: Our socks are made for the trail, so it's important to us to give back to the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and our back-yard go-to, the Continental Divide Trail. Proceeds from our socks also contribute to conservation efforts through partnerships with a number of non-profits including Leave No Trace, the National Forest Foundation, Trout Unlimited, Warrior Expedition and more.

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