Panda Optics Cobalt Goggles Unisex

Cobalt magnetic goggles

8 point magnetic lens changing technology. The strongest, quickest and most robust lens/frame structure on the market. "Pull off, snap on" change to your free HD low light lens in under 5 seconds.

Bold mirrored UV400+ protective polarised lens. Providing an even better visual display.


Product Description

Fixed wide rig strap attachments give a sleek look and flawless helmet compatibility.

A flexible TPU frame with triple density foam provides a comfortable fit combined with a durable structure.

Price includes a second low light HD lens, storage box, cleaning cloth and microfiber bag.


  • Mirrored UV400+ polarised lens
  • Maize yellow low light HD lens
  • 8 point magnetic lens change system
  • Integrated Guma® anti fog technology
  • TPU grade 4 rigidity Frame
  • 3-layer dual density foam with fleece finish
  • Frameless design
  • Fully helmet compatible upper frame and strap attachments
  • Twin silicone grip bands on inner strap
  • OTG (over the glasses compatible) max frame width 119
  • Moulded storage/packaging box
  • Micro Fibre cleaning cloth and bag

About the brand

It's not the look, technology or even price that counts... it's the whole package.

At PANDA we have integrated state of the art technology with fashion and functionality, to create goggles that make you stand out from the crowd and provide the highest level of eye protection.

Natural Light

Direct sunlight is uncomfortable and dangerous to the eyes. All UV goggles protect from this, but do not protect against the 80% of UV radiation reflected upwards by snow.

Polarised lenses are the only solution to this reflection.

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